Friederike Duhme

Written by Franz Weninger on the 21st of September 2023

I've been following Friederike on Instagram for a while now and also became aware of her through the female wine collective , which she co-founded. This spring, she came to our winery with some of her colleagues and took the opportunity to tell me about her next stop as a sommelier: the nineOfive. Friederike is totally uncomplicated and direct, which is why I really liked her. The nineOfive is a very successful concept from Germany: pizza and good wine, founded by Sebastian Georgi. The name nineOfive comes from the ideal temperature - 905 degrees Fahrenheit - for original Neapolitan pizza. A new location was opened in Vienna this month by Rainer Ziegler - Friederike is the sommelier on site. I recommend a visit, we'll catch up after the harvest.

Tasting notes by Friederike Duhme

Catapulted straight into spring with your eyes closed, chamomile and wood sorrel grow wild on lush meadows. There are fruit trees that want to bear old varieties of apples and quinces and tell stories of sourness and sweetness. Wet stones pile up in the bed of a flowing stream, everything in flow anyway. Somewhere, honeybees are producing honey. This furmint sings a carefree song. The sun shines stronger, sip by sip, and we look forward to the coming summer. Please listen to this: “Portals” by Laura Misch.

It is not the questions of “where” and “if” that arise, but the question of “why”. Does the Ponzichter want to be a statement, a gesture of joining hands, an appreciation and acknowledgment of history? To me, it tastes like a place that is trying to be separated by an invisible line that the vines just don't care about. A bit of heartbreak and a bit of self-evident indifference. Aromas almost secondary. Best drunk with neighbors without discussing it to death and contradictorily listening to “On the run” by Gizmo Varillas.

At this point, this Blaufränkisch is a wonderful example of the concept of taking your time. Like a song that has to build up. To anticipate: please listen to “Santa Agnes” by Aaron and Bryce Dressner and let yourself go for seventeen minutes. See how the wine and the feeling change. It also needs air to compensate for its age. Its youthful juiciness conceals confident spice and mouthwatering tannins. Color casts a spell. From the tenth minute onwards I get sentimental, this is great wine that beams at you. I would like to introduce this wine to my parents.

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