Surrounded by eighteenth-century mulberry trees, this south-facing site lies at an elevation of 360 meters above sea level. It is located in Ritzing, making it the most westerly vineyard of Central Burgenland. Climatically it is our coolest site; the soil and the southern orientation, however, provide warmth. In former times quicklime was produced here, which accounts for the high pH levels in the soil.

A wine that challenges the palate – invigorating and youthful. A hint of bright berry fruit. The tannins of this Blaufränkisch become more delicate. They intermingle with the acidity and in this way produce a vibrant, almost electrifying finish. This combination is grippy on the palate and reminiscent of chalk dust.

Orography: Ridge - flat southwestern slope
Soil: Rendzic Leptosol, thin topsoil, very chalky
Geology: Calcareous debris originating from brackish to sea water limestone of the middle Miocene
Age: 11-16 million years
Altitude: 342 meter

Density: 3500 vines/hectare

Kalkofen 2017 Ofen 2019 Ofen 2020

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