In Great-aunt Emma Schürmann’s little vineyard – the best site on Eisenberg – Blaufränkisch grapes have grown for 45 years on a blue and green slate substratum beneath heavily calcareous clayey loam soil. What the land and its people bring forth on this steep southern slope has awakened the desire in us to tap these resources too.

Orography: Hillside sloping steeply to the south
Soil : Brown earth, very rocky, lime-free, well rooted
Geology: Talus material out of weathered bladed slate on top of green slate out of basaltic tuff and lava.
Age: approx. 130 million years
Altitude: 362 meter

Density: 6000 vines/hectare
Age of Vines: 45 years

The rocky subsoil allows good drainage. This results in freshness and bright fruit; the clay in the topsoil imparts a delicate sweetness and body. The view from the steep site adds lightness to the wine. An elegant Blaufränkisch with plenty of finesse.

Saybritz Blaufränkisch 2017 Saybritz Blaufränkisch 2018 Say 2019 Say 2021

Since 2009 we have been seeing Welschriesling with different eyes. Inspired by our visits to small Hungarian cellars, we try to find a different style for this variety. A style that would have been possible hundreds of years ago.
This vineyard is a good place. It has never seen a tractor and the trees between the vines provide shade. The steep slope gives a view up to the Styrian Riegersburg. The distance between the vines is not determined by the tractor, but by people.

Welschriesling 2018 Welschriesling 2019 Welschriesling 2021

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