Written by Franz Weninger on the 23rd of May 2019

Our aim is to bring the taste of the place into the bottle. A sense of place is something which cannot be described scientifically, it is therefore impossible to determine scientifically why one can taste the soils and the climate in a wine. What we can change is the feeling, the energy of the place – an energy which is then also felt in the wines.
Since taking charge of the business in 2011, I’ve been working intensively with our vineyards and sites. In our Sound of Terroir project in 2012, we attempted to translate the feeling of the wine and the place into music. In 2014, we turned wine into poetry. By approaching our vineyards in these various other ways, I was able to notice the strengths and weaknesses of each site. It was a great pleasure to work with Janina on these strengths and weaknesses through the geomancy in the vineyards.

google translated Doc Weingartenstones.pdf

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