Dominik Ginzinger

Written by Franz Weninger on the 2nd of May 2019

The wine world is really more of a village. And that is how I came to know Dominik, when he began working at Vienna’s wine bar O boufés. It was his Instagram account “natureonmytongue” that drew my attention first. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone. Here, he describes wines, but actually focuses even more on the winemakers and their thoughts about themselves. In the respect, he is not a “classic” sommelier, who tries to categorise wines in specific boxes, but one who approaches wine without any preconceived notions. The questions he asks winemakers are not always about the wine, but also about everything else, whether it be sustainability or farming itself. This is why his wine selection in the bar is also suitably varied. A visit to O boufés is highly recommended – you will come home one great experience richer.

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Tasting Notes by Dominik Ginzinger

• Sankt Laurent 2016
A wine that comes across as very linear, charismatic and youthful. Balanced acidity with an attractive fruity playfulness and silkiness. Easy to drink yet never superficial. A wine for the dinner table, without having to think too much about it – interesting, approachable and open. Serve slightly chilled for those warm summer evenings.

• Kékfrankos Balf 2017
A fascinating and exciting wine! Rough around the edges and definitely not shy! Youthful and challenging, it invites you to take another sip! A nice stew is what I feel like pairing with it, they would match each other perfectly! If you give it time to catch its breath, a powerful earthiness comes to the fore, with a noticeable, flattering oakiness. It would undoubtedly mature nicely given a bit of time and patience.

• Frettner 2015
Self-assured, wiry and powerful, but also elegant, mysterious and noble – that is how I see it. A thoroughly courageous wine which seems firmly rooted in nature. It comes across generous and spicy, with a very grown-up structure and outstanding acidity. This wine does not hide its youth, which in turn makes it seem even livelier. Definitely a challenging, multi-facetted Cabernet Franc as only too few of them are.

The Message in a Bottle is our wine subscription. Our aim here is to present to you an assortment of wines to enjoy, including interesting tasting notes from our guest authors. Our Spring 2019 Message in a Bottle is presented by Dominik Ginzinger. He is Restaurant Manager and Sommelier of O boufés in Vienna.

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