The Vineyards

Biodynamic agriculture


The vineyard is a place to commune with the natural world. As individual winemakers are unique, so are our gardens and vines. Quality in the wine can only emerge from the vineyard, thus making biodynamic farming a logical step. Since 2006, all our acreages are certified organic.

At Weingut Weninger, all vineyard work is adapted to the plant with respect to the rhythm of the seasons and the moon.  Protecting the natural balance in the vineyard, with the aid of biodynamic preparations and the use of homeopathic tea, enables us to harvest healthy and vibrant grapes. 

We protect and encourage a diverse biosphere in the land surrounding our vineyards as this stewardship is important for the cultivation of fine wine, and for the future generations of our children. All of our vineyards contain nesting boxes for birds, and we maintain the natural habitat for beneficial insects. In 2006, 40 trees were planted around our vineyards.

In addition to the grapes, in recent years also other products were availed from our agriculture and brought to market under the name "mehr vom weninger" ("more of Weninger").




28 hectares in and around Horitschon in central Burgenland, Austria. The soil here features a deep, moderately heavy to heavy loamy topsoil and is rich in clay and iron. 

22 hectares on two sites around Balf near Sopron, Hungary. The Spern Steiner site features soil composed of gneiss and mica schist. The Frettner site features brown soils with deposits of extremely weathered bedrock.